1953 – Gerhard Kanitz establishes his removals business, which still bears his name today.

1956 – Music has played a key in our business from the very beginning, and so Gerhard Kanitz KG heads out on tour for the first time. It marks the start of an incredible journey that continues to this day.

1972 – New impetus is brought to the business by Jörg Noster, Gerhard Kanitz’s son-in-law. Jörg Noster learns everything about the transport business from the bottom up. He goes along on all the removal jobs and orchestra tours.


1977 – Jörg Noster becomes managing director and, through his enormous commitment and courage to innovate, the company grows steadily. His love and passion for classical music is reflected in the organisation, management and execution of several successful tours with orchestras from all over the world.

2012 – Jörg Noster celebrates 30 years in the business.

2019 – In March, he is joined by his son-in-law Mario Sachse, and by his granddaughter Emma-Luisa Sachse, who works in marketing. Together we develop a new strategy for the business. Through KANITZ BERLIN we specialise exclusively in orchestra and theatre transportation.

KANITZ Orchestertransporte. Philharmonie Berlin
KANITZ Orchestertransporte. Orchestertrommel.
KANITZ Orchestertransporte. Philharmonie Berlin. Unsere LKWs.
KANITZ Orchestertransporte Philarmonie Berlin. KANITZ bei der Arbeit.
KANITZ BERLIN :: Orchestra & theatre transports. Execution of an instrument transport.

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