Impressive numbers, we think. What do you think?

Over the 63 years of our corporate history, we have gathered a wealth of experience in transporting musical instruments. Our clients, which include large orchestras and theatre companies, rely on us as one of the top experts in the provision of safe and reliable instrument transportation services. As a traditional family business, we place great value in providing our clients with complete satisfaction, enabling them to rest assured that their highly valuable instruments are in the best hands.

We have achieved a great deal through our history

KANITZ BERLIN. Founded in 1953. Transportation of instruments is our passion.

KANITZ BERLIN. Founded in 1953.

You may well be surprised at how many instruments we have transported since our company was founded, and the distances we have covered in the process. For us as a family business, it’s more than just a job: it’s a passion; something we put our heart and soul into. Here are a few figures to demonstrate what we have accomplished since our founding:

  • We have carried out 7,100 instrument transports.
  • We have circumnavigated the equator 62 times in 63 years.
  • We have transported 15,120 railcars carrying musical instruments to their destinations.
  • We have covered a total distance of 2.5 million kilometres.

The very fact that we have circumnavigated the equator 62 times – that’s almost once a year – illustrates clearly our strong commitment to our clients throughout our history. Though our main centre is in our home city of Berlin, and we have carried out 6,000 of our total of 7,100 instrument transports there, no distance is too far for our partners.

We have been on many tours, always ensuring that the often highly sensitive musical instruments entrusted to our care arrived at their destination in time for the next performance. Thanks to our state-of-the-art trucks, all conforming to the Euro 5 or 6 emissions standard, we also do it in the most environmentally friendly way possible. After all, environmental protection and the sustainability of our business are vital concerns to us.

Care and precision are also key to us

Transporting musical instruments is a sensitive task. Firstly, it is very important that every instrument is transported professionally. This serves to protect against damage, which can otherwise easily lead to heavy repair costs for high-quality items. It is also advantageous for instruments to be transported in specific climatic conditions, otherwise it cannot be guaranteed that they will be ready for immediate use on arrival. We are fully skilled in dealing with all these special demands, and we are delighted that leading musicians, orchestras and theatre companies routinely entrust us with their valuable instruments time and again. Our staff have a wealth of experience, and are justifiably proud of what they do every day. Because transporting these real treasures demands special care, attention and sensitivity.

Transporting your instruments is our great passion

Since we always strive to offer our clients and partners the best possible service, and special requests are also no problem for us, we have been able to gain many musicians, conductors and orchestra leaders as clients. After 63 years, we still look forward to meeting new challenges every day. These figures clearly demonstrate our strong commitment in pursuit of our passion and in cooperating our partners:

  • We transport 12,000 cubic metres of musical instrument cargo per year.
  • We have transported 756,000 cubic metres of musical instrument cargo since 1963.
  • We have transported 151,000 kilometres’ total length of railcars, which placed end-to-end would circumnavigate the equator four times.

Detailed planning and organisation has always been the basic prerequisite for transporting this incredible amount of musical instruments to their destination in time, as well as keeping them ready for immediate use thanks to the balanced temperature in our trucks. As you can see, we are your reliable partner for transporting orchestra or band instruments professionally, and above all quickly, around Berlin, or to other cities and countries.

Your musical instruments are in the best hands with us

Personal contact with our clients is very important to us. Because we know how important an instrument is to a musician. For us, musical instruments are not simply objects, but valuable and unique items – real treasures – with an individual history. Especially when accompanying orchestras on tour, we have the opportunity to enter into dialogue with musicians and conductors in order to continuously improve our performance.

The extensive knowledge that we have gathered over the decades of our company’s history is now embodied in the fourth generation of family ownership. In and around Berlin, especially, we are very familiar with the key personnel of all the large orchestras and theatre companies. We are always proud to be entrusted with the safe and reliable transportation of valuable musical instruments to their destination.

We will be glad to serve you at any time, ensuring that the musical instruments you entrust to us are transported safely and reliably around Berlin in accordance with your requirements. Our experience is your benefit. You, too, can utilise our many years of experience, our professional know-how and our passion for transporting your musical instruments safely, reliably, and of course undamaged.

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