The team behind KANITZ BERLIN.

We’re not individuals, we’re a team. Because only in a team can you achieve excellence. Our many years of experience guarantee outstanding expertise. We put our heart and soul, and enormous energy, into every project to make it a success.

Jörg Noster


Jörg Noster is the heart of the company. He is uncompromisingly committed to the family business. After graduating in business studies, he joined the company owned and run by his father-in-law Gerhard Kanitz in 1972. He got to know the business thoroughly, from the bottom up, working hard and keeping going when others had had enough. In his young years, Jörg Noster was an integral part of orchestra tours. On some of them he drove the truck himself, demonstrating the passion and commitment to the business that still burns today. In 1977, at the age of just 27, he took over the management of the company. Jörg Noster makes a strong impression thanks to his friendly, attentive manner and professional conduct. He enthuses and inspires people, taking the business down new routes to great success and enabling it to grow steadily. Maintaining his contacts with orchestras, conductors and clients – some of which have lasted for decades – remains of fundamental importance to him to this day.

Mario Sachse

Managing Director

Mario Sachse joined our team in March 2019 as head of business development and human resources. He also supports Jörg Noster in general management of the business. Born in Berlin, he has worked in management positions in large textile companies throughout Germany. He has extensive experience in business development and human resources management, as well as in conducting negotiations with partners. The decision to join his father-in-law’s transport business was a very easy one for Mario Sachse. He is following the example of Jörg Noster in his commitment and ambition, devoting all his knowledge and strength to the family business.

Anke Schneider

Head of Accounting and Prokuristin

Anke Schneider has been with the company since 1997 and, although still young, is a veteran of our team. She joined us originally as a clerk in the back office after completing an apprenticeship in the transport business. Based on her many years of experience, in 2019 she took on the task of quality management. She was also appointed “Prokuristin” – a legally authorized company signatory.

Zlatan Hadzic

Head of Project Management

Zlatan Hadzic has been an important part of our team since his time in training. With his qualification in freight transport and logistics, and through the skills and experience he has acquired, he is a true expert in the transport business. Besides his boss and mentor Jörg Noster, he has the most extensive experience in orchestra transportation. He is the key management figure in charge of orchestra and theatre transportation jobs. In addition to his role as head of project management, he is responsible for new business acquisition, and is the key point of contact for clients on all matters relating to their tours.

Sandra Richter

Storage Management, Marketing and Purchasing

Sandra Richter has been with our company for seven years. Qualified in international commerce management, she really loves her work, exhibiting strong commitment and enthusiasm at all times. As well as managing our warehouse, she is also responsible for purchasing and marketing, and supports our corporate communications.

Cem Esirtgen

Project Manager

Cem Esirtgen is one of our younger employees, yet that does not stop him from continually taking on new challenges. He is a qualified transport specialist, and handles corporate relocations and domestic removals at our parent company Gerhard Kanitz Spedition.

Emma-Luisa Sachse


Our newest recruit is Emma-Luisa Sachse. She is the granddaughter of Jörg Noster, representing the fourth generation of the family business. Emma-Luisa Sachse graduated this year as a photographer and graphic designer with a diploma in communications design. She assists in the company’s promotional and marketing activities.

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