A family-run transport business now in its fourth generation. Specialising in orchestra and theatre transportation, we love everything to do with music and the arts – and we love what we do. Our motto is: We create magical moments with you.

Music expresses that which cannot be said and
about which it is impossible to be silent.

– Victor Hugo –

That’s a very insightful and fitting quote. Because music inspires, connects, and builds bridges. Above all, it is timeless. No matter what changes the world goes through, music remains, in all its many variations. From the original to the modified version, something entirely new emerges. But it’s still music. Music inspires and fascinates us as a company. Decades of collaboration with you, the orchestras, has made our passion for music grow steadily. As the world is changing, the orchestral world is changing too, as are your the demands and expectations. We at Kanitz Berlin are also making that change, focused on you. Our new concept revolves exclusively around you, the orchestras and theatres.

KANITZ BERLIN :: Orchestra & theatre transports. Execution of an instrument transport.

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