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Client: Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester (DSO)

DSO Transport RBB –> Philharmonie
3 furniture trucks, 3 drivers, 3 furniture carriers

Before the transport

The Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin (DSO) is one of our longest standing and most important orchestra partners. We have an ongoing transport contract with the orchestra based on that partnership. The contract stipulates that KANITZ BERLIN is the exclusive transportation provider to the DSO. We are extremely proud of our partnership with the DSO.

Our scheduling team receive transport orders from the DSO a month in advance of each trip. Planning then starts immediately. The exact transport dates are entered in the schedule, and coordination with the transport team begins. There is a close cooperation between the scheduling and transport teams, as transport often takes place outside normal working hours. Any number of special circumstances, such as construction sites or public events, must also be taken into account. And our schedulers also have to obtain all the necessary permits, such as for Sunday driving where appropriate.

On the day of transport

On the scheduled transport day, our team gathers at the KANITZ BERLIN depot. The drivers carry out their pre-departure checks and bring the containers (swap bodies) to the specified temperature. Meanwhile, the scheduling team holds a short briefing to assign detailed tasks to other staff and outline the further procedure.

Once they have arrived at RBB, the vehicles are signed in with the porter, and the keys needed for the building are collected. The trucks are then positioned at the loading bay lift. At RBB, flight cases are loaded into the pre-heated trucks using elevators, ramps and tail lifts. Where the type of flight cases allows, and when so required due to the volume of cargo, the cases are stacked in the swap body. Every single gap is utilised. Precision and experience are essential in this. A specific loading sequence always has to be followed. That also means the order in which the elevator is loaded has to be considered in advance. Precise communication and coordination within the team is extremely important to ensure that everything runs smoothly, even with very small time windows, and especially when rehearsals are scheduled immediately afterwards. Our drivers check out the latest updated traffic situation again in the run-up to the event, so as to avoid any potential congestion and road closures. After loading, the vehicles drive from RBB to the Philharmonie. Absolute punctuality has top priority in this, as events such as concerts have fixed starting times.

On arrival at the Philharmonie, the vehicles are again positioned appropriately for unloading. As in the loading procedure, the flight cases are unloaded using tail lifts and ramps, and are taken by elevator to the first or second floor of the Philharmonie as appropriate. The flight cases are placed in the designated rooms within the Philharmonie. Once the flight cases have been unloaded, the heaters in the swap bodies are turned off.

The KANITZ BERLIN team then makes their way back to our depot.

Orchestra Demo

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