A European tour with KANITZ BERLIN.

Client: Preissler Music / National Youth Orchestra of the USA

National Youth Orchestra of the USA auf ihrer Europatournee
1 Trailer truck with two drivers

We at KANITZ BERLIN enjoy a close partnership with Preissler Music. Preissler Music offers international orchestras, especially, the facility to hire instruments locally.

In 2019 we had the opportunity to accompany the National Youth Orchestra of the USA on their European tour.

Before the transport

As with all major tours, a written request for quotation is made approximately six to twelve months in advance. When calculating the costs of the tour, the following aspects need to be covered in addition to the deployment of vehicles and personnel: Feasibility of transport between the venues, in terms of driving and rest times for drivers, and related health and safety considerations. We also have to obtain any necessary permits, such as for weekend driving or truck access to some city centres. Other important factors on European tours are toll charges, the Channel Tunnel crossing to the UK, as well as time differences, with hotel costs also playing a key role.

Our quotes are submitted no later than three days after a request is received. The contract is usually awarded two to three months prior to the scheduled transport assignment.

A few weeks before the transport:

As with the shorter tours, the first job is to assign the drivers. At the same time, any necessary permits are obtained. Also, hotel rooms are booked, as are buses and any other facilities required.

A few days before the transport:

The final stages of preparation have been reached. The trucks are washed and refuelled, and all technical details are checked. Our drivers carry out these procedures with great care and attention. And of course, the signage bearing the orchestra’s name also has to be affixed on the truck sides.

On the day of the transport

Maximum concentration is essential. The drivers carry out the pre-departure checks and pre-heat the trucks. The instruments are collected from our partner, Preissler Music. Once on-site, the trucks are positioned and loading is carried out by our drivers and Preissler Music staff. The flight cases are loaded into the pre-heated trucks using elevators, ramps and tail lifts. Where the type of Preissler Music flight case being used permits, and when so required due to the volume of cargo, the cases are stacked in a specific order.

A specific loading sequence always has to be followed, so the flight cases must also be loaded in the same order via the elevator. So precise communication and coordination within the team is very important.

When everything’s loaded up, it’s time to go. The first leg of the European tour passes through the Channel Tunnel and up to Edinburgh. Once there, our drivers and Preissler Music staff unload the trucks. And of course everything has to be loaded back on again after the concert.

The tour moves on from Edinburgh to London. As in Edinburgh, the unloading and reloading is carried out by our team together with the Preissler Music staff.

From London, the journey continues to Amsterdam, then to Hamburg, and the final leg is from Hamburg to Berlin. On arrival in Berlin, the instruments are unloaded at the Preissler Music facility. Ready for the next tour.

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